R-2 Products

Mossberg Industries r2 products

The engineering team at R2 Systems Division of Mossberg Industries, Inc. was tasked by some of the largest cable manufacturers to design and build a reel that was capable of eliminating the use of the nailed wood reel. The result was a 42″ and 48″ heavy-duty reusable cable reel capable of handling heavy coils of cable in a continual and reusable manner. Since that time the team has continued to grow and develop this line with our next generation 3-piece design to make truly sustainable products.

R–2 Systems Replace Wood with EXTRA-Heavy Duty Plastic Reels

The Benefits are many:

  • • Reduced Cost of Cable Packaging
  • • Eliminates Disposal Costs
  • • Increased Safety for those handling cable
  • • No Nails or Splinters to cut Wire or Hands
  • • Reduced Freight Cost for Cable Deliveries
  • • Reel components can be stored in 1/3 space of an assembled reel
  • • Assembly and disassembly takes less than 30 seconds with no tools required
  • • Easy one person handling to assemble and disassemble and load coils onto reels
  • • Reels can be used for years and hundreds of trips

Generation I Design

The Features are smart:

  • • Steel Reinforcement plates for arbor hole support
  • • “Flat” locations every 90 degrees on flange – No need for chocks
  • • Custom colors available for customer and product ID requirements
  • • Impact modifiers for strength and durability
  • • UV Stabilizers for long-life outdoors

The Results are in:

  • • Truly Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly cable handling
  • • Wide Scale Implementation
  • • Clean Room and Desert Room compatible
  • • Tangible and Measurable Savings

Generation II Design

R-2 Systems Reusable Plastic Dome & Turntable System

  • Pay-off wire directly from a pickup truck, eliminating the need for line truck and A-frame trailers
  • Loaded reels can be picked up from any direction by a small forklift and placed in the bed of a truck or onto a flatbed trailer
  • Pay-off wire efficiently as the turntable glides on four heavy-duty industrial casters
  • Increased productivity in the field by reducing the labor needed to pay-off wire
  • SAFETY – The lazy-susan style reduces the chance of injury by eliminating the need to place loaded wooden reels on A-frame trailer or trucks
Mossberg Industries r2 products

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Mossberg Industries r2 products
Mossberg Industries r2 products

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