Mossberg Industries Plastic Spools Reels

Plastic Spools & Reels

• LIGHTWEIGHT – Ship product, not packaging
• High Impact Polystyrene and ABS flanges
• Heavy Duty Extruded Barrel
• Minimum Moisture Absortion

Mossberg Industries plywood replacement

Plywood Replacement Reels

• No Splinters
• No Warpage from Moisture
• No Loose Bolts – No Hardware
• No Paper Cores

Mossberg Industries filament spools

Filament Spools

• High Precision Winding on Plastic Spools
• High Strength Plastic
• Low Cost
• Dimensionally Consistent

Mossberg Industries weld wire spools

Plastic Welding Wire Spools

• High Precision Winding on Plastic Spools
• High Strength Plastic
• Low Cost
• Moisture Resistant Plastic Compared to Fiber or Wood Spools

Mossberg Industries heavy duty processing

Heavy-Duty Plastic Process Reels and Structural Foam Reels

• High Impact Polystyrene Structural Foam
• EXCLUSIVE One-Piece Wire Cavity
• Low Cost Compared to Steel
• Consistent Tare Weight

Mossberg Industries knockdown reels

The Next Generation of Plastic Shipping Reels

• Easy to Assemble – no Tools, Fixtures, Bolts or Glue Required
• Save on Inbound Freight Costs
• Save Valuable Warehouse Space
• Returnable and Reuseable

Mossberg Industries r2 products

R-2 Systems Replace Wood with EXTRA Heavy-Duty Plastic Reels

• Reduced Cost of Cable Packaging
• Eliminates Disposal Costs
• Increased Safety for those handling cable
• No Nails or Splinters to cut Wire or Hands

Mossberg Industries plastic cores and tubing

Plastic Cores & Tubing

• Extruded Polystyrene & ABS cut to any length
• Variety of diameters
• Moisture resistant paper core replacement
• Lightweight

Mossberg Industries custom products

Custom Products

• Product Design
• Mold Design / Build
• Product Evaluation
• Injection Molding and Extrusion

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